SGC’s forecasting process is greatly assisted by a purpose-built data entry system which both centralizes the forecast data management process and allows individual country experts to view most recent data outcomes, new information and assumptions and revise their projections in a consistent manner, also taking account of in-built policy rules and equation-based estimates for key variables, such as inflation, trade volumes and prices, etc.  At the same time, the system maintains the consistency and coherence of the data set by incorporating all the relevant National Accounts, trade and other accounting identities linking the various concepts.  Thus as individual forecast components are updated and submitted, all identities are automatically re-evaluated to provide a fully consistent data set.  The underlying data base is maintained and updated continuously through the forecasting round by the analytical team, which also prepares associated data sets for client reports.

The data entry system also provides an efficient means of managing and monitoring the overall shape of the forecast, by country and economic region, through a series of purpose-built graphic outputs.  These are used intensively in the production process and also form the basis of corresponding documents prepared for internal, committee and final publication uses, including the various country specific and cross-country tables and charts.