At SGC, the key to successful M&A is a reliable model that is founded in accurate due diligence.  M&A due diligence in today’s global marketplace is a demanding, high-pressure undertaking that requires considerable skill and expertise.  Due diligence is a vital activity in M&A transactions, and may consume several months of intense analysis if the target firm is a large business with a global presence.

The SGC team helps the client formulate a strategy that addresses the following questions:

  • Do we buy?
  • Is so, how should we structure the deal?
  • How much should we pay?


To answer this question, we focus on four areas at a target firm:

  • Strategic Position
  • Financial Data
  • Operational Assets
  • Legal Matters

We focus primarily on the Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern markets providing expertise in research and due diligence to facilitate smart M&A decisions.


  • Identify companies meeting the client’s criteria for potential acquisition and provide in-depth analysis to facilitate senior management planning
  • Conduct due diligence on regional companies in support of accurate valuation and M&A activities
  • Have worked directly with executive team in support of acquisition projects with a combined valuation of over $100 million
  • Provide economic consulting and market research for clients involved in FDI in Thailand and greater Southeast Asia
  • Contribute to standardized macroeconomic reporting for subscription-based products focusing on Southeast Asian markets
  • Deliverables include valuable insights from specific research projects, syndicated studies, and competitive intelligence